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Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a company that pools the assets of many investors and purchases securities in order to achieve a common predetermined goal.  With the large amount of assets that it manages, mutual funds are able to benefit from advantages that aren’t available to individual investors.  

BestVest has relationships with many of America’s best and largest mutual fund providers in order to be able to offer over 1,000 funds.  By offering such a large selection of funds, we are able to offer a fund that fits every investment objective, style, industry, and investment class.  Whether you desire a technology focused fund or a large-cap growth fund, the products offered by BestVest can meet your every need. 

With any mutual fund investment, please read the fund’s prospectus carefully before investing or sending money.

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Mutual funds own many different investment instruments, generally stocks, bonds, and money market instruments. Because they are able to hold so many securities within their portfolio, poor performance from one investment will not generally have a dramatic effect on the fund as a whole.  Poor results may even be offset by the positive performance of other investments in the portfolio.

Professional Management

You can rest assured that your money is being managed by professional investors who research and invest in securities that they believe will reach the fund’s investment objectives.   


Mutual funds generally have relatively low minimum investment amounts and allow the investor to add capital to the fund in small increments.  Individual investors would generally be unable to be able to afford such a wide variety of securities due to the costs involved.  Mutual funds are also able to have lower brokerage costs than an individual stock holder because of the large number of securities bought and sold at a time. 


Mutual funds are highly liquid.  Unlike investments such as certificates of deposit or bonds, shareholders are able to redeem their mutual fund shares on any business day.  The shares are easily and quickly converted to cash, which can either be sent to the shareholder by check or be directly deposited in the shareholder’s bank account.   

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