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Institutional Executions

At BestVest we feel rapidly changing markets and market structure has had a significant impact on the ability of institutional investors and traders to successfully trade and manage money, while at the same time containing costs. As a result of these increasingly complex circumstances, the need exists for investment personnel who are committed to client services, professionalism, and execution excellence. BestVest affords its institutional client base cost-effective access to such additional trading resources. BestVest engages in providing alternative liquidity to hedge funds, asset managers, second tier banks and corporate entities across the globe. We specialize in Equity and Exchange Traded Derivatives and aggregate information from our vast exchange network and work with market liquidity providers in order to ensure both price discovery and anonymity.

  • Full Client Anonymity
  • Seamless Execution and Price Discovery
  • Facilitation Competence and Alternative Liquidity Presence
  • Innovative Technology
  • Composite Research and in-House Strategy
  • Direct Market Access (DMA)
  • IT Service and Support
  • Progressive Risk Management and Usable Information
  • Professional Clearing through RBC Capital Markets
  • We connect to numerous dark pools, Algorithmic trading, TWAP VWAP

Our Execution Capabilities

At BestVest our electronic execution offering contains some of the most advanced tools in the industry, specifically designed to help you have more choice and control over your execution strategies while addressing cost, timing, performance, transparency and market structure requirements.